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Keep your perishable food items at safe temperatures even during shipping or delivery by using this Nordic NS24 No Sweat 24 oz. gel cold pack. Since this cold pack is safe and non-toxic, it's great for packing up cold foods. Designed with a multi-layered exterior, this cold pack helps to absorb moisture, preventing condensation that might harm products during transportation. This makes it ideal for transporting boxed good, packages with labels, or wine since there won't be any condensation to damage the packaging. Plus, it's easier and cleaner to use than ice so you can use it to keep food at safe temperatures in a variety of situations.

When you are looking for a high-performance gel pack, this cold pack is a great choice! It contains a long-lasting gel that provides reliable protection for temperature sensitive products, and the softer, more flexible gel design is great for fitting around food containers or into irregular spaces. Its condensation-free design makes it ideal for transporting food and can even be used in the pharmaceutical and medical field.

Ice Pack

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